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Alarm Units

  • FG-BBOX - leak detection - fuel leak detection - water leak detection - acid leak detection

Satellite devices


  • FG-NET Satellite Device
  • Digital, Fully Addressable
  • Monitoring Up to 1200m Sense Cables
  • Location of Faults to 1m

The FG-BBOX is a satellite device of the TTK FG-NET Digital Unit. It is monitored by FG-NET via a standard Ethernet network. It expands FG-NET to manage two additional circuits of sense cables with up to 1200 metres of additional Sense Cables.

The FG-BBOX can be connected with all TTK Digital Sense Cables, for water leak detection, acids leak detection and fuel leak detection.

The FG-BBOX has the same advanced functionalities as FG-NET with multiple simultaneous leak location to 1m accuracy. All command and control is centralised to the FG-NET, FG-BBOX is not equipped with display so it can be discretely located.

FG-BBOX connects to the FG-NET through the facilities Ethernet network, eliminating the need for additional connections.

In the event of a fault on the sense cables connected to the FG-BBOX, the relevant relay contact is activated and the LED on the relevant circuit switched to red.
On the FG-NET unit, the alarm appears on its touch screen, the responses are identical as a fault on the sense cable physically connected on the FG-NET unit.

FG-BBOX - water leak detection - acid leak detection - fuel leak detection

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