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Oil Leak Detection - Single Sensor Solution

With FG-A-OD unit

This oil leak detection solution contains FG-A-OD alarm unit, a length of FG-OD / FG-ODC / FG-ODR oil sense cable or FG-ODP oil point sensor and system accessories.

FG-A-OD unit with a length of oil sense cable FG-OD

FG-A-OD unit with an oil point sensor FG-ODP









Leak Detection Alarm Unit FG-A-OD:  is a single sensor alarm unit, capable of monitoring one oil detection sense cable of up to 20 metres, it is equipped with both visual and audible indicators plus two SPDT relays.

FG-A-OD unit is designed to be used with oil range of sense cables: FG-OD, FG-ODR, FG-ODC and Point detector: FG-ODP.

Addressable Oil Sense Cable FG-OD: FG-OD is a digital sense cable for detection and location, along the entire length, of liquid hydrocarbons and liquid insoluble in water present on the cable. It allows multiple leak detection and location thanks to independent digital addressing, enabled by an embedded microchip in each FG-OD sense cable.

Addressable Oil Point Sensor FG-ODP: The FG-ODP is a point sensor for liquid hydrocarbon and non-conductive solvent leak detection. It is suitable to detect hydrocarbon floating on water, for example in tank application.




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