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FG-ALS8-OD - fuel leak detection - hydrocarbon leak detection

Oil Leak Detection Locating Solution

With FG-ALS4-OD Unit

This oil leak detection solution contains FG-ALS4-OD leak alarm & locating unit, FG-OD oil leak detection sense cable and oil system accessories.

FG-ALS4-OD Unit - fuel leak detection

Oil Leak Detecting & Locating Four Zone Unit FG-ALS4-OD : a cost effective and reliable solution for detecting and locating non-conductive hydrocarbon liquids and solvent leak detection, ideal for small and medium applications where accurate leak location is required.

This small unit monitors up to four zones, allows a quick installation of up to 48 meter of hydrocarbon sense cables. 

Users can configurate the system and set up the unit with the menus accessible from the touch screen.

Oil Sense Cable FG-OD : FG-OD is a fast response, re-usable and ATEX approved oil leak detection sense cable. It is capable to detect and locate multiple leaks thanks to the microchip embedded in each sense cable. Insensitive to water and pollutions, it can be installed in humid environment.

Accessories : TTK leak detection systems offer a full range of connection accessories and kits as diversion boxes, leading cables, end terminations. These items assure a proper functioning of the systems.

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