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For Water / Acid Leak Detection & Location Systems


‘TTKweb’ is a premium management software for TTK liquid leak detection systems. Launched in 2017, it is developed specifically for TTK FG-NET digital unit and its satellite devices: daughter panel FG-BBOX and external relay box FG-RELAYS.

TTKweb is capable of managing multiple panels located on different sites and it includes the smart tools to configure the system. 

A valid license code is required to use TTKweb software.

Download TTKweb

To learn more about this software

FG-NET Firmware

Choose the version adapted to your control panel reference:

FG-BBOX - détecteur de fuite d'eau, d'acide et d'hydrocarbure

FG-BBOX FG-RELAYS Media Card Update

Choose the version adapted to your control panel reference:

  • The latest FG-BBOX firmware compatible with FG-NET panels using firmware version v4.3.4 or above (FG-NET v4.3.0 to v4.3.3 must be updated to v4.3.4 to grant FG-BBOX compatibility) download version v1.4

  • The latest FG-BBOX firmware compatible with older FG-NET panels using firmware version v4.2.2 or below: download version v1.1  

Kernel Update

The software for FG-NET digital unit.



Software allowing to set up your Digital FG-SYS Unit from your PC.

(Compatible with FG-SYS panels delivered before mid 2014.)

Download FG-SYS set up (.zip)

FG-SYS Setup Utility

“FG-SYS Setup Utility” is a user-friendly interface which allows reading from and writing to the FG-SYS digital unit from a PC.
It is also capable to create editable backup file thus allowing configure several FG-SYS panels with a click, by uploading the configuration to the panel from the backup file.

(Compatible with FG-SYS panels v1.6 or later.)

Download FG-SYS Setup Utility (.exe)

Download the datasheet of the software (pdf)


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