water Leak Detection
TTK addressable sense cables are fitted with patented micro-controllers that allow pin-pointing of faults on multiple sense cables simultaneously. The unique structure of these cables efficiently prevents false alarms from condensation, dust and conductive elements. Click to find out more about this unique TTK system.
acid Leak Detection
TTK’s corrosive resistant acid sense cable can detect and locate the presence of acid and chemicals, making it the ideal solution to protect clean rooms, LCD screen plants, pharmaceutical laboratories, amongst others.
Oil Leak Detection
The first reusable oil sense cables on the market. Specifically designed to identify and locate liquid hydrocarbon and petrochemical leaks - crude oil, diesel and other refined products. Efficiently prevent false alarms due to pre-existing pollution. Suitable for tank farms, pipelines, airports, and refineries applications.
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Digital Leak Detection Systems
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Case Studies

TTK Water & Fuel Leak Detection System in Bouygues Telecom "MOCO", France

Over the past three years, TTK has successfully completed all existing ‘MOCO’ sites for Bouygues Telecom in France, totaling over fifty to date, with more in progress. Discover how TTK’s cutting-edge solutions are making a difference.

TTK Water & Fuel Leak Detection System in a leading data center, Germany

Discover TTK water and fuel leak detection solutions in this non-raised floor data centre in Berlin. 

TTK Water & Fuel Leak Detection System at Al Maryah Island tunnel, UAE

Water leakage detection is one of the important and regular tasks of this Utility Tunnel’s inspection. That’s why the customer requested TTK to supply a highly reliable water leak detection system for non-stop monitoring of the tunnel as well as all the critical zones inside the technical building of the tunnel.

TTK Water Leak Detection System in a new office building, London

The new headquarters of a leading financial services company is located in the City of London.
To protect numerous technical environments in this massive building -15 levels in total from the basement to the roof, 4.5 km of water sense cables were installed. How to efficiently monitor each of them?
Discover TTK’s detailed solutions.

TTK Water Leak Detection System in a data centre near Hannover, Germany

In this data centre near Hannover, the client decided to reinforce the security level in the data centre by replacing the old analogue system with a digital reliable system to benefit from the technical progression this modern system has.

TTK Fuel Leak Detection System in City Centre Mirdif, UAE

The scope of fuel leak detection work for the Mirdif shopping mall project is to protect seven day-tanks which fuel generators located in different generator rooms.

TTK Water Leak Detection System in a biological Research Institute, France

A TTK leak detection system is installed in this French institute over 20 years ago. In order to assure the efficient monitoring of the entire site and to benefit from the technical progression given by a modern system, the client contacted and requested TTK France for a site audit.

TTK Water Leak Detection System in CNN Office, UAE

The client needs a reliable digital leak detection system to detect any water leakage at an early stage, typically from chilled water pipes, inside both public working areas and reserved technical areas.

TTK Water Leak Detection System in the Largest Telecom Data Centre in Egypt

The new data centre is characterized by an enhanced colocation service and higher levels of redundancy with the ability to expand and accommodate growing colocation needs. Likewise, the client requires a smart digital water leak detection system evolving easily with future needs, in addition to all features that a world-class system already has.


The laboratory and the beamlines are critical infrastructures, very sensitive to the abnormal presence of water or any dangerous liquid. In order to be alerted and react as soon as possible in case of leakage, a TTK digital leak detection system is installed.

TTK New Certification - FM Approval for Fuel Leak Detection System
30 May 2024

TTK New Certification - FM Approval for Fuel Leak Detection System

TTK's Fuel Leak Detection System has recently obtained FM approval certification.

London based engineer
31 August 2022

London based engineer

We are looking for new engineers to join our team - based in London

TTK upcoming events in MEA region, don't miss out!
10 April 2024

TTK upcoming events in MEA region, don't miss out!

TTK is hitting the global tradeshow circuit in the coming months, find out where!

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