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TTK Project Case Study: TTK in City Centre Mirdif, UAE



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Project Background

City Centre Mirdif is a shopping mall in the residential area of Mirdif, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It opened on 26 March 2010 and has a gross leasable area of 196,000 m² and houses 465 retail stores.

Project requirements

In this hyper-scale shopping mall, several diesel-powered engine generators provide emergency power in the event of a loss of station service power. 

However, if any fuel/diesel leaks go undetected in generator rooms and prevent generators from working, the shopping mall would still be forced to close. That’s why the end-user requested TTK to supply a reliable liquid leak detection system to monitor the generators and their auxiliary equipment (day tank, pipes) 24/7, to ensure uninterrupted functionality of the whole system.


Areas to be protected

The scope of fuel leak detection work for the Mirdif shopping mall is to protect seven day-tanks which fuel generators located in different generator rooms.

TTK's Solution

For this project, TTK ME recommended its fuel leak detection system, using FG-ALS4-OD leak detection control panels and FG-OD fuel sensing cables in different lengths.

Sense cable 

  • Insensitive to water (as are all TTK oil sensors), the FG-OD cables detect the presence of liquid hydrocarbon at any point along their length. They were installed in the generator rooms, near leak sources in this project.
  • Technical advantages of TTK’s hydrocarbon sensing cable:

• Detects quickly, even small quantities of hydrocarbon liquid, allowing to give very early alarm and gain precious time for operators to react in the event of a leak.
• Reusable, allowing onsite testing and significantly reducing equipment cost.
• Every individual cable is addressable and independent, allowing the detection and location of multiple leaks in the same circuit.

Addressable Oil Sensing Cable:
FG-OD (connector IP68)

Embedded microcontroller
inside FG-OD sensing cable

Monitoring panel

  • To monitor all sensing cables, a multiple-zone alarm & locating panel (reference name FG-ALS4-OD) was installed in the generator rooms.
  • Equipped with a touch screen, relays and RS485 Modbus serial link interface, the panel works as a stand-alone system and monitors up to four independent zones and pinpoints the location of leaks.
  • In the event of a liquid leak or default on the sense cables for each zone, the responses from the FG-ALS4-OD alarm & locating unit:
    • An audible alarm is triggered and a relay is activated.
    • The touch screen of the panel displays the zone, the location of the leak (on the cable) and details of the fault (the type of fault leak or cable break).
    • Report to the DCS/SCADA/Safeguarding system via a JBUS/MODBUS protocol.

Four Zones Alarm & Locating System Unit
for Hydrocarbon Leak Detection (FG-ALS4-OD) installed on site


Schema of installation of TTK oil fuel leak detection
monitoring panel for day tank


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