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Oil storage tanks

Bacs de stockage des hydrocarbures

Hydrocarbon Leak Detection for Oil Storage Tanks (Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Diesel, ...)

Oil storage tanks may leak through the tank walls or through the tank bottom. After some years of operation, it is common for an oil storage tank to experiment corrosion at its base, due to either the stored fluid (e.g. salty water contained in crude oil) resulting in internal corrosion, or soil humidity causing external corrosion. TTK oil leak detection system with the addressable FG-OD sense cable provides continuous monitoring and protection to oil storage tanks, assisting in the prevention of soil contamination and loss of product. The FG-OD oil leak sense cable, developed by TTK, is fast responding, re-usable and ATEX approved. It provides fully mapped, simultaneous leak locations across the network of cables, together with an alarm and logging system. Oil storage tanks

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