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Leak Detection

Dangers of Oil Leaks in Both Industrial and Commercial Applications

In the Oil and Gas industry, the three potential risk consequences from hydrocarbon leaks are fires, explosions and environmental contamination. All may cause irreversible damage to personnel, businesses or the ecosystem. The regulatory framework is also becoming increasingly stricter in the sector.


In the commercial application, on most of the facilities, emergency generators are the last line of defense when there is a utility failure or a catastrophic event. Non-detected diesel oil leakage on generators can be extremely detrimental with potentially severe consequences, especially in data centres, health care sites, airports, or critical mission facilities.

Consequently, it is imperative to integrate an efficient detection system to continuously protect your production, distribution lines or storage tanks from leakage.


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TTK in response with oil leak detection system

TTK oil leak detection system in the Oil & Gas industry is specially designed to be installed in different environments, such as tank farmspipelinesairports and refineries. The system is capable of detecting gasoline, fuel, diesel, crude oil, and jet fuel amongst others.

TTK diesel leak detection solutions for generators are specially designed and developed to protect diesel generators and their supporting diesel system as storage tanks and diesel distribution pipes

Early detection with accurate location of oil leaks provided by the system allows reacting at a very early stage thus preventing environmental damage.

The hydrocarbon leak detection and location system developed by TTK consists in three main parts: the sense cables, the digital unit and a satellite extension of the detection / location network.

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How does TTK oil leak detection system work?


As a specialist manufacturer, we can offer tailored solutions for water, acid or fuel oil leak detection systemsContact us for more information.

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