Alarm Units

  • FG-RELAYS - fuel leak detection - water leak detection - acid leak detection - hydrocarbon leak detection

Satellite devices


  • FG-NET Satellite Device
  • 24 Configurable External Relay
  • Up to 16 FG-RELAYS = 384 External Relays on a FG-NET Digital Unit

The FG-RELAYS is a Digital External Relays Box. It works as a satellite device of the FG-NET Digital Unit. It adds a set of 24 configurable external relays to the FG-NET. It allows FG-NET to drive external devices such as solenoid valves, BMS signals, beacons and others, to react in case of leak or system alarms.

The FG-RELAYS is monitored by FG-NET via a standard Ethernet network. The FG-RELAYS is accessible via a web interface for configuration.

In the event of a fault on the sense cables (leak or cable break), the relevant external relay on FG-RELAYS is activated and the LED of the corresponding relay switched on, the programmed external device is activated. On the FG-NET Digital Unit, the touch screen displays the location of the leak (to the nearest 1 metre) and details of the fault (the type of fault leak or cable break), including the time and date the fault is registered.

FG-RELAYS has the same enclosure and the same dimension as FG-NET Digital Unit. FG-RELAYS is not equipped with display so it can be discretely located.

FG-RELAYS BOX - water leak detection - fuel leak detection - acid leak detection

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