Alarm Units

  • FG-SYS Unit - fuel leak detection - water leak detection - acid leak detection

Locating units


  • Monitoring Up to 120 Lengths of Sense Cables
  • Detect Multiple Simultaneous Leaks
  • MODBUS/JBUS Connection to BMS
  • 9 Relay Contacts
  • Dedicated Monitoring Software TOPSurveillance

The FG-SYS digital unit, a robust and reliable leak detection and location panel, ensures an immediate detection and precise location of water leak detection and acid leak detection. It is suitable for IT infrastructure, commercial & residential property but also industrial applications. FG-SYS unit is widely installed around the world over decade.

It is capable to monitor up to 120 lengths of sense cables on its 3 independent outputs.

It has 9 configurable relay contacts integrated and it can be connected on BMS via 2 interface types: RS232 or RS422/485 serial interfaces.

Each sense cable connected is addressable and can be customized by assigning a specific identity and name. In case of leak, the operator can find easily the precise location thanks to the identifying name.

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