For Water / Acid Leak Detection & Location Systems



The FG-DTC is TTK Bus Diversion Box. This diversion box allows breaking up a detection circuit into two parts.

Download here the datasheet Accessories including FG-DTC.


The FG-DTCS addressable box allows the connection of one analog sense cable (3, 7 or 15m) to the main bus wire from the digital panel. FG-DTCS will create an address on the panel for that sense cable.


The FG-DCTL addressable box allows the connection of one analog sense cable (1 to 45m, ‘‘cut to length’’) to the main bus wire from the digital panel. 

2 references are available: FG-DCTL and FG-DCTL-R.
The only difference: FG-DCTL-R is equipped with a relay (230Vac-1A), activated in case of leak; not for FG-DCTL.

Leading cables


Leader cable in 3,5 metres length for connecting sensing cable to the digital unit.


Jumper cable (reference TTK BUS 8723) for connecting two sensing cables in a none risk area; available in preconnected lengths of 3, 7 and 15 metres.


Set of parts for connecting jumper cable.It includes male, female connectors + contacts + adhesive+ heat shrinkable sleeve.

End terminator


Modular end termination plug is used to terminate each circuit of sensing cables.


End termination plug for analog sense cables. It has an easily identifiable yellow colour.

Installation accessories


Set of 100 hold down clips with adhesive (cold glue) to fix sensing cable lengths.


Set of 40 tags.
Labels ES-EC indicates the presence of sense cables installed.
It is recommended to fix the labels every five meters on the circuit of sense cables and ensure a good visibility of the labels.

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