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ATEX & IECEx-certified hydrocarbon sensing cables

TTK offers a full range of ATEX & IECEx-certified addressable hydrocarbon sensing cables. They comply with stringent regulations for being installed in explosive environments and hazardous locations.

What is ATEX?

ATEX is an abbreviation of ATmosphere EXplosives, a term that appears in the name of European Directive 2014/34/EU, which concerns devices used in explosive atmospheres.


What is the difference between ATEX & IECEx?

The main difference is geography. While ATEX is a mandatory application limited to Europe, IECEx is an international certification accepted in other countries/regions.


What are Zone 0, 1, and 2?

They are the classification of zones ATEX/IECEx :

◾️ Zone 0 – Explosive mixtures are permanently present.  TTK hydrocarbon sensing cables are designed for and can be installed in zone 0.

◾️ Zone 1 – Explosive mixtures are present intermittently. 

◾️ Zone 2 – Explosive mixtures are present abnormally or infrequently. 


Image source: https://www.atexshop.com


TTK products are also certified by numerous certifications: FM, UL, CE, ... For more information about TTK certifications.

For more information about ATEX certification.


TTK range of hydrocarbon sensing cables

FG-OD sensing cable: medium sensitivity  FG-ODR sensing cable: low sensitivity

FG-ODC sensing cable: high sensitivity 

FG-ODC+ sensing cable: very high sensitivity




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