Sense cables

Hydrocarbon Sense Cables


  • Fast Response
  • Leak Location on Section Length
  • Full Addressable, Locating
  • ATEX Approved, Suitable for Explosive Area Service
  • Re-usable and Pre-connected Cable
  • Insensitive to Water and Pollutions
  • Exists in Different Lengths Suitable for Both Building and Industrial Applications

The FG-OD is a fast response, re-usable and ATEX approved oil leak detection sense cable. Used with different digital units of TTK, it detects and locates liquid hydrocarbons and non-conductive solvents along the entire length at very early stage.

Quick detection times of hydrocarbon liquids by FG-OD: Gasoline: 3-6 minutes (*), Diesel Oil: 15-30 minutes (*), Jet Fuels: 10-20 minutes (*).

The FG-OD cable exists in standard lengths (3 m, 7m and 12m) and long line sections (3m, 7m, 12m, …, 20m) allowing optimised system architecture in building and industrial applications.

Insensitive to water hence the cable can be installed in humid environment.

Designed to be connected to FG-NET, FG-NET-LL, FG-BBOX, FG-BBOX-LL, FG-ALS8-OD and FG-ALS4-OD alarm units.


(*) : depending on liquid composition and leak conditions

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