water Leak Detection

Looking for a reliable leak detection system? TTK offers a range of professional water leak detection products which detect, locate and react to leaks at an early stage. The TTK leak detection systems effectively and efficiently protect your critical environments, whether a data centre, IT infrastructure, commercial or residential property.

acid Leak Detection

TTK’s corrosive resistant acid sense cable can detect and locate the presence of acid and chemicals, making it the ideal solution to protect clean rooms, LCD screen plants, pharmaceutical laboratories, amongst others.

Oil Leak Detection

Our range of oil leak detection systems have been specifically designed to identify and locate all liquid hydrocarbon leaks in any part of your stock, production and distribution lines; whether it is leakage of crude oil, fuel, gasoline, jet fuel or diesel. Suitable to be installed in tank farms, pipelines, airports and refineries, the TTK leak detection system provides your equipment with continuous protection. Click to find out more.
 Image centrale Oil Oil

TTK – Leak Detection System Manufacturer

TTK is a leading global manufacturer of water, acid and hydrocarbon leak detection systems for commercial and industrial applications.

We are now offering our clients an industry-leading 10 Year Warranty from the 1st of March 2018!  Find out more…

TTK’s headquarters; R&D centre and the manufacturing facilities have been based in Paris for the past 30 years. TTK products, all of which are manufactured in France, hold a number of recognized international safety and specific approvals such as UL, FM, TUV/GS, IEC, and ATEX…

TTK leak detection systems are constructed of a range of addressable sensing cables and digital monitoring panels.

Our water and acid leak detection systems are largely used in data centers, offices, museums, hospitals, pharmaceutical laboratories and water supply systems.
Our hydrocarbon leak detection systems are able to detect leakage of gasoline, fuel, crude oil and kerosene. These systems are specifically designed to be installed in a range of petroleum-heavy environments such as tank farms, pipelines, airports and refineries.

As a specialist manufacturer, TTK can offer tailored solutions for water, acid or fuel oil leak detection systems to suit your needs. Contact us for more information.

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