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TTK New Certification – FM Approval for Fuel Leak Detection System


TTK's Fuel Leak Detection System has recently obtained FM approval certification.

The comprehensive Fuel Leak Detection System FG-ALS4-OD, which includes fuel diesel oil sensing cables and associated accessories (junction boxes, leading cable, termination), is now FM-certified for its complete functionality.

The full range of fuel sensing cables, including FG-OD, FG-ODR, FG-ODC, and FG-ODC+, is FM-approved. All these products have successfully passed rigorous tests under extreme conditions of humidity, intense dust, vibration, and temperature fluctuations.

These products join the 12 water and acid system products of TTK already certified by FM Global, a leading organization known for its rigorous testing and certification standards for safety and reliability.


View FG-ALS4-OD system's FM Certification

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