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Smart Reusable Hydrocarbon Point Sensor

Smart Reusable Hydrocarbon Point Sensor

Fast response and re-usable, the FG-ODP Point Sensor is suitable for outdoor installation, as it is unreactive to water, IP68 marked and UV resistant.

Connected to a TTK alarm and monitoring panel, it alerts at a very early stage when in contact with hydrocarbon.

FG-ODP detects diesel fuel, jet fuel, gasoline, crude oil and many other hydrocarbon liquids. Detectors with low/intermediate/high levels of sensibilities are available to cover different leak detection requirements. Contact our team to get more insights on how to choose the appropriate detector.



Typical applications

  • Oil storage tanks
  • fuel supply pipes
  • Generators
  • Sumps, pits, basins, manholes

FG-ODP point sensor placed in a drain pit to detect leaked hydrocarbon floating on water at storage tank perimeter



FG-ODP point sensor placed inside a floater to avoid contact with possible hydrocarbon iridescences inside a manifold chamber – retrofitting of a vehicle service station


Fuel pipe network of a data center: FG-ODP point sensor placed in a sump on the fuel pipe culvert, where fuel leak may stagnate, to reinforce the protection of oil sensing cables.



Technical Advantages

  • Reliable detection:
    • Reactive to liquid hydrocarbons.
    • Non-reactive to water, inorganic pollutants and external loads (pressure). UV resistant.
  • Can be reset and reused, allowing reduced OPEX (operational expenditures) and testing leak detection under real conditions.
  • IP68, suitable for outdoor installation
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Suitable for Explosive Area Service



Fully compatible with all TTK hydrocarbon leak alarm panels and satellite devices.


System layout

FG-ODP can be connected to all TTK hydrocarbon leak alarm panels. Below is an example with FG-ALS4-OD:

For further design schematic, please refer to the design guide.


Product Details

Learn more about the hydrocarbon point sensor FG-ODP on the product page.


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