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Polymer Chemistry

Polymer Chemistry :

TTK (leak detection) manufactures our cables in Paris using our own polymer formulation developed dedicatedly for Leak Detection.

TTK’s polymer materials are:

  • Robust and capable to resist aggressive liquids;
  • "zero halogen" and "self-extinguishing";
  • Hydrophobic, thus short drying time;
  • Flexible and light for easy installation.

TTK (leak detection) uses the innovative technology and special materials for the Hydrocarbon leak detection sense cable FG-OD. These materials allow the sense cable to be a fast response, re-usable and perfectly suitable for humid environment; explosive atmosphere and underground installation.

TTK Detection Systems are designed for: Data Centres, Critical IT Infrastructure, Prestigious Commercial and Residential property, Oil Pipelines, Hydrocarbon and Petrochemical plants, Bulk Storage and Offshore.

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