TTK Project Case Study: TTK at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing


TTK equips and protects various sites of this world's largest semiconductor plant with both water and fuel leak detection systems.

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TTK Is Fully Functional In Production And Support


Our activities have continued without interruption since the beginning of confinement and this will continue.

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TTK Release: COVID-19


Facing the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) epidemic, TTK is mobilizing and taking preventive measures to reduce the spread of the virus in its workplaces.

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TTK Project Case Study: TTK at The Largest Hosting Data Center, UAE


The client requires a “2-in-1” leak detection system consisting of both water and fuel leak protection and a dedicated BMS Interfacing system for TTK leak detection.

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TTK: Creating sustainable products to reduce our impact on the environment


TTK's "FG-SYS" water leak detection units, installed before the year 2000 under the glass pyramid of the Louvre, are still operational today.

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