Sense cables

Hydrocarbon Sense Cables


  • High Sensitivity
  • Very Fast Response with Light and Middle Distillates
  • Sensitive to Heavy Oils and Hydrocarbon Vapors
  • Leak Location on Section Length
  • Re-usable and Pre-connected Cable
  • Suitable for Explosive Area Service
  • Insensitive to Water and Inorganic Pollutants

FG-ODC: High Sensitivity Addressable Oil Sense Cable

  • FG-ODC is a digital sense cable for detection and location, along the entire length, of liquid hydrocarbons and liquid insoluble in water and their vapors.
  • It allows multiple leak detection and location thanks to independent digital addressing, enabled by an embedded microchip in each FG-ODC sense cable.
  • The sensor element is optimized for very fast response with light to middle distillates, and is sensitive to heavy oils such as conventional crude oils, dilbit / synbit, as well as to hydrocarbon vapors.
  • Re-usable after leak detection.
  • Can be installed in humid environment, as it is insensitive to water and inorganic contamination.


  • Standard length (3 m, 7m and 12m) sensor sections or long line section allowing optimised system architecture.
  • Microcontroller embedded in each FG-ODC sense cable allowing independent digital transmission to the alarm unit.
  • Standard length sense cable provided with built-in plug-socket connector.
  • Long line provided with built-in intermediate embedded connections (for each section), plus connector at extremities on demand. Structure of the sense cable comprising a silicon sensing wire, a continuity wire, a communication wire (proprietary bus) and the power supply wires.
  • Protective external PE braid built on the cable.
  • Intrinsically safe – can be used in classified areas: Ex ia IIB T4 Ga (IECEx “Zone 0”).


  • Reliable detection:
    – Sensitive to heavy oils and vapors.
    – Insensitive to water, inorganic pollutants and external loads (pressure).
  • High sensitivity: examples of detection time: gasoline at 1-2 minutes (*), jet fuel at 4-10 minutes (*), diesel at 7-12 minutes (*), WTI: 20-35 minutes (*), Dilbit: 30-45 minutes (*).
  • Detects and locates hydrocarbon leaks on the section length.
  • Can be reused, allowing leak detection tests under real conditions. The same unit FG-NET can be connected to FG-ODC sense cables and mixed with water or acids / bases sense cables at the same time.
  • Easy to install and remove: standard FG-ODC cables pre-connected with male / female connectors.

Note (*): depending on liquid composition and leak conditions

Cable Structure:

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