Sense cables

Hydrocarbon Sense Cables


  • Very Quick Response
  • Leak Location on Section Length
  • Re-usable and Pre-connected
  • Sensitive to Hydrocarbon Liquids and Their Vapors
  • Certified for Hazardous Areas
  • Insensitive to Water and Inorganic Pollutants

FG-ODC is a digital sense cable which reacts to physical contact with liquid hydrocarbons, water-insoluble liquids and their vapors and is fully insensitive to water or inorganic contaminants. The sense cable consist of a passive sensor element and dedicated electronics embedded into the connector.
FG-ODC is communicating with the monitoring panel FG-NET / FG-NET-LL through a reliable digital bus avoiding leak location shift, dead zones or blind spots. The sensor element is optimized for quick reaction to heavy hydrocarbons as conventional crude oils, dilbit / synbit and their vapors.


  • Standard length (3 m, 7m, 12m) sensor sections for optimised system architecture.
  • Microcontroller embedded in each FG-ODC sense cable allowing independent digital transmission to the alarm unit.
  • Sense cable is provided with built-in plug-socket connectors.
  • Protective external PE braid built on the cable.
  • Able to detect heavy oils at very low temperatures.
  • Reusable, viscous contaminations can be cleaned using light hydrocarbon solvent without damaging the cable.
  • Intrinsically safe – can be used in classified areas: Ex ia IIB T4 Ga (IECEx “Zone 0”).


  • Detects and locates hydrocarbon leaks on the section.
  • Quick detection times: typical values with threshold of 10%: Gasoline: 1-2 minutes (*), Jet Fuels: 4-10 minutes (*), Diesel Oil: 7-12 minutes (*), WTI: 20-35 minutes (*), Dilbit: 30-45 minutes (*).
  • Reliable detection: insensitive to water, dirt, external loads (pressure).
  • Can be reused, allowing leak detection tests under real conditions.
  • Easy to install and remove: standard FG-ODC cables pre-connected with plug / socket connectors.

Note (*): depending on liquid composition and leak conditions

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