Technical rooms

Technical rooms

Hydrocarbon Leak Detection for Technical Rooms

Technical rooms in a commercial building - such as power generator rooms - are critical areas, especially after a power failure. Where a TTK water leak detection system (with FG-NET leak monitoring panel) is already installed, it is easy to extend the installed leak detection system by deploying sense cables to monitor one or several rooms from possible oil leaks.

If cases where a TTK system is not already installed, a possible cost effective solution would be to use a separate small locating alarm unit (FG-ALS8-OD or FG-ALS4-OD). This type of leak detection panel allows a quick installation of up to 96 / 48 meters of hydrocarbon sensing cables; the ideal choice to protect a generator room with a reliable hydrocarbon leak detection system.

Click to view the video: TTK leak detection system protects a generator room inside a data center


Technical roomsTechnical rooms