TTK Project Case Study: TTK at CNP ASSURANCES, Paris, France



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Project Requirement

The fan coil units are installed inside an enclosure along the building facade on all of the 13 levels. The client requires early detection and accurate location of any water leaks.

A large number of solenoid valves are installed on the water supply pipes inside the buildings. In the event of a leak being detected, the client requires only the affected solenoid valve to be shut down automatically, thus avoiding impact on the entire cooling system.

TTK’s Solution

Sense cable:

  • It is not unusual to find water around fan coil units - this is a sign that something is either dripping, leaking, or not draining properly. This can be from a clogged pipe, a drainage tray or clogged back drain path of the unit. In any case, this should be alerted and fixed as soon as possible to avoid water damage.
  • In this project, the addressable sense cables FG-EC are installed directly onto the floor underneath the fan coil units to ensure a very early detection. The patented and unique structure of these sense cables allows them to sense water, but not to be disturbed by the presence of condensate, dust or metal, allowing reliable detection in an environment where condensate and dust are commonly present.
  • The microprocessor embedded on the cable intelligently monitors the cable status and provides continuous real-time communication to the TTK monitoring panels. In the case of water on the cable, it alerts the monitoring panel with the accurate location. Since each sense cable is independent (thanks to the microprocessor), leaks can be detected simultaneously and reported to the client’s BMS. No leak is hidden by another leak and there is no “dead-zone”.

Monitoring panels:

  • To monitor these 3510m (90x13x3) - 39 levels: 13 floors in 3 buildings - only 1 FG-NET monitoring panel and 2 FG-BBOX panels (a satellite device for the FG-NET panel capable of managing additional sense cables) are needed. The connection between these panels is via the existing TCP/IP network and therefore there is no restriction in terms of the distance between the panel positions.
  • The addition of 3 FG-RELAYS (external relay boxes) allows three sets of 24 configurable external relays to the FG-NET panel, enabling it to drive the solenoid valves (required by the client for this project) in the event of a leak or system alarm, reducing any down time considerably.


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